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Fanfic: Turn Me On

Title: Turn Me On
Fandom: Terra Nova
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Luckye/Lucket aka Lucas Taylor/Skye Tate.
Rating:  T.
Warnings:  Drabbles.  Yes, that's a warning for me. :)
Disclaimer: Pfft.  Not Mine, mmkay?
Summary:  Mini!challenge fill!  Three challenges for one prompt because this one was hard for me.
Prompt: Turn Me On - David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj

A/N: So the ladies over on thanyou-bucket gave me a hard challenge this time. This was so not up my ally it wasn't even funny. o_0 So after much deliberation and frustration, I've come out with this. There's three because the lyrics are freaking awesome for Lucket and I couldn't settle on any one aspect. This was probably supposed to be a fluffy prompt, but its me so its these. :p

Turned On
She's been dead inside for so long; the lies and the constant subterfuge, hiding everything that might give her away and condemn her to death; sealed up, locked tight until there's nothing left, the keys to the locks thrown away. But a simple impulsive touch on his part; hands grasping, foreheads touching, and all her carefully made walls and cleverly constructed locks are cast aside, torn down and opened, flooding her with suppressed wants, needs, desires. Everything ignited at once, like a light switch turned on, stunning and undoing her, but nothing satisfied, abandoned like an empty glowing room.

Need Your Loving
She tells herself she's doing it for Josh, to save a friend, to undo some of the damage that's she's done; make amends for years of lying and gain the trust of a man at the same time, worm herself into his defenses. But its a pile of lies and the truth is, she wants him; wants his touch, like fire on her skin, liquid heat in his eyes that belies the claims of "sister" whenever he looks at her. And its okay in this moment to go to him, to ask for this, because its not for her, its for everyone else and they cannot condemn her and she can hide everything in this lie that will end up being her saving grace and her damnation all in one.

Make Me Come Alive
It was like a hit of cocaine the first time he touched her, riding high on his giddy joy of success, all barriers down and reaching for some one to touch, to share with when he'd been alone for so long. It ignited a buried part of her soul, her body, a piece of herself denied because to let some one in close enough to touch meant letting them in close enough to see the lie that she was, but he'd invaded without a care for her walls and left her reeling; helpless to stop him before it was too late. And now she was addicted, stuck on him even though she pushed away, denied that his touch had any other effect other than revulsion, fear, but she always came back, looking for her next hit, struggling against the drug in her system.

A/N: There it is.  Let me know whatchu think. :D

Tags: fanfic, lucas taylor, lucket, luckye, rating:t, skye tate, terra nova
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