Fanfic: One Last Time Before The End

Title: One Last Time Before The End
Fandom: Terra Nova
Genre: Romance with angst in the background? A little anyway.
Pairing: Luckye/Lucket aka Lucas Taylor/Skye Tate.
Rating:  T to be safe.
Warnings:  Umm, my sad attempt at fluff?
Disclaimer: Oh, the things I'd do if I owned this show. Like renew it.
Summary:  It still floored him that she could unravel him so. That she destroyed everything that he had been and made him into something else. A different man who found it hard to hate, to remember the pain imbedded in his very soul like shrapnel from a bomb.
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Fanart: Be The Ocean Where I Unravel

Title: Be The Ocean Where I Unravel
Fandom: Terra Nova
Pairing: Luckye aka Lucas Taylor/Skye Tate.
Type of Art:  Wallpaper cause I fail epically at icons.
Rating:  Totally K rating.  Safe for all little eyes.  Unless you don't like the pairing of course.  Then it might burn. :p
Warnings:  Liberal use of filters and fade effects?
Prompt: 22. You're my river running high
Program: Gimp 2.6
Notes:  Made for the Valentine's Day Challenge over on thankyou_bucket.  This is my first time using this program so it didn't come out like I planned, but I like it nevertheless.  Hope ya'll do to.

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Fanfic: End Of A Road Not Yet Taken

Title: End Of A Road Not Yet Taken
Fandom: Terra Nova
Genre: Angst/Tragedy.  Romance mentioned, but can't say its the main theme.  Other than the pairing of course.
Pairing: Luckye aka Lucas Taylor/Skye Tate.
Characters: Nathaniel Taylor & Lucas Taylor.  Ayani Taylor and Skye Tate spoken about, but not actually featured.
Rating:  T to be safe.
Warnings:  Character Death.
Disclaimer: I so own this show and I am just keeping everyone in suspense on the renewal.  And I own Ashley too.  He gives me the fanfic ideas.
Summary:  "No." Its not a yell this time, but instead a broken whisper. "Dad, please. Please."  Taylor feels whatever was left of his heart, whatever had survived Ayani to love the son he'd chosen to live instead of her, die at his son's plaintive tear filled whisper.  Very AU oneshot in where Terra Nova doesn't exist (yet) and Skye is in the army and there's established relationship between her and Lucas.

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rover look

Fanfic: Polarity

Title: Polarity
Fandom:  Terra Nova

Genre: Angst with subtle hints of romance.  Sorta.

Pairing: Luckye aka Lucas Taylor/Skye Tate

Rating: T for adultish themes.

Warnings: Character Death

Disclaimer: If I owned this show Lucas would have appeared sooner, there would have been LOTS more Luckye going on and it would have been RENEWED BY NOW.  Mmm-kay?

Summary:  Oneshot drabble.  Terra Nova burns when he first kisses her and she's as alive and wild as the flames and bombs around her.

Notes:  Already posted to under my username boundless hearts cause some one had already stolen the one I made for LJ.  So not cool.

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Fanfic: Smokey Hues

Title: Smokey Hues

Genre: SPN Het Fic

Pairing: Dean Winchester/My OC Casey

Rating: R for sure unless the ratings rules have changed and teens are allowed to read about some, uh, smut? I suppose.

Warnings:  HET SMUT.  I feel like this needs a warning anymore.  Also, un-beta’d 'cause that’s the way I roll.

Disclaimer: If I owned SPN these scenes would occur more than two times in five seasons.  Seriously.

Summary:  Oneshot of the het variety.  A girl meets Dean in a bar.  You should really know what that means by now, especially if you've hung out around  Anyway, in no way related to anything else I've put up here.

Notes:  I wrote this back when I was watching season 1 and 2 a couple of years ago.  The wonders of netflix, everything at your fingertips right away and no commercials.  Anyway, meant for this to be a longer story, but I never managed to get beyond this point.  Some sort of commitment issue, I swear.

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Fanfic: More Than A Memory

Title: More Than A Memory

Genre: RP Het Fic

Pairing: Chad Michael Murray/Bethany Joy Lenz

Rating: PG-13 for the most part, if not all.  Maybe some light R parts?

Warnings: Um, character death?  Also, un-beta’d 'cause that’s the way I roll.

Disclaimer: Dude, I totally own Chad.  Read that how you will.

Summary: People say she’s only his head and he’ll forget.  He just nods and agrees and when he goes home, she’s there, wrapping her arms around him, holding him while he cries, telling him it’ll be alright.  AU

Notes: Title and inspiration for this story comes from a Garth Brooks song.



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Fanfic: Lies Only Lie For So Long

Another fanfic here.
Future Fic: After the year is up, Sam goes back to school, but it isn't what he thought it was. The rating is for his language. Potty mouth needed to express angst, otherwise nothing really graphic. No Wincest, oneshot
Rating: R for language, nothing else.
Characters: Sam Winchester.
Disclaimer: Supernatural is not mine.  I hear it belongs to this guy, Kripke.  I do not make any money out of this fic or my other writings.  Don't sue.
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Fanfic: First Love

Okay, so I'm a "Supernatural" geek and thought the best way to finally open up Livejournal and figure out how to use it, was by posting a fanfic I wrote.  So here it is.  Be warned: I'm a Deangirl so this is Dean centric.  Just fluff.
Disclaimer: Obviously I own nothing.  Kripke and the CW are greedy and won't share.
Summary: The Winchesters roll into town and Dean meets the girl of his dreams.  Oneshot and safe for everyone.
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